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Pump, fan and pneumatic installations


Shevchuk Stepan Prokopovich Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor





In the educational edition of the lecture notes “Pump, fan and pneumatic installations” the questions are considered of the theory of the functioning of turbomachines (pumps, fans, turbochargers) and volumetric machines.

There are the requirements of “Safety Rules” to the installations of this class, their technological schemes and the arrangement of the working machines (pumps, fans, compressors), and also their means of regulation and characteristics.


The educational edition also provides methodological guidance on the calculation and selection of electromechanical equipment for pump, ventilation and pneumatic installations for different sectors of the national economy and gives control questions for checking students’ knowledge.


The educational edition is intended for the study of the lecture material of the course, the implementation of practical and laboratory work and the course project for students of specialty 141 “Electric power, electricity and electrical engineering ” of educational program “Electromechanical and Mechatronic systems of energy-intensive industries.”



S.P.Shevchuk, 2019

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, 2019