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WORK PROGRAM Credit module Information systems for the solution of applied problems

Section 1.Introduction to the subject.
Topic 1.1. Overview of information systems for the solution of applications

Section 2.Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor.
Topic 2.1.Conducting calculations in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
Topic 2.2.Charts and diagrams.
Topic 2.3. Databases

Section 3.MathCAD
Topic 3.1.MathCAD Mathematical Editor.Calculation.
Topic 3.2.Two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics. Animation
Topic 3.3.Programming in MathCAD.

Section 4.MatLab
Topic 4.1. MatLab environment.Managing commands and functions. Variable and workgroup management commands. Mathematical functions. Matrix operations.Graphic display of results.
Topic 4.2.Mathematical Simulink data packet.
Topic 4.3. Programming in MatLab

Section 5. Web design
Topic 5.1.Introduction to HTML.
Topic 5.2. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).