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Statistical simulation of energy-intensive electromechanical systems



“Statistical simulation of energy-intensive electromechanical systems”

Section 1. Mathematical apparatus for statistical simulation of energy-intensive systems.

     Topic 1.1. Basic definitions and concepts of probability theory.

Topic 1.2. Numerical characteristics of random variables.

Topic 1.3. Moments, centering, moments of higher orders.

Topic 1.4. Basic distributions of random variables.

Section 2. Elements of statistical simulation of energy-intensive electromechanical systems.

     Topic 2.2. Statistical simulation of random processes of functioning of energy-intensive electromechanical systems.

Topic 2.2. Experiment planning and processing of experimental data by mathematical statistics using an example of multiplication pressure research.

Section 3. Programming tasks of statistical simulation with the development of interface in the language C ++ Builder.

Topic 3.1. Designing the interface in C ++ Builder.

Topic 3.2. Programming the task of statistical simulation according to a given version of the distribution law.