Scientific research department

Name of the school.

“Mechatronic electromechanical systems and complexes of energy-intensive industries”


  1. The head of the school is currently indicating the degree, academic title, place of work at the university.

Shevchuk Stepan Prokopovych, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Electromechanical Equipment of Energy-intensive Industries.


  1. A brief history of the scientific school: founder, years of formation, branch of science, type of research, chronology of development, recognition at the international level, school staff, representatives of schools of different generations, etc.

– The founders of the school – Ph.D., prof. Shevchuk Stepan Prokopovich, Ph.D., prof. Terentyev Oleg Markovich

– Year of school formation – 1975

– Branch of science – Technical sciences (mining, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulic engineering, construction)

– Type of research – Control of mechatronic electromechanical systems, reliability and diagnostics of energy-intensive installations and complexes.

– The staff of the school – Shevchuk SP, Terentyev OM, Slidenko VM, Zaichenko SV, Listovshchyk LK, Gorodetsky VG, Meita OV, Mozharovskaya O. A., Vorfolomeev AV, Osadchuk MP, Zamaraeva OV, Shostak IV, Kleshchev AY, Streltsova IM, Gontar PA, Polishchuk VO

QUALIFICATION CARD of  scientific (scientific and pedagogical) school


The first generation – the founders of the school
Ph.D. Terentyev OM Ph.D. Shevchuk SP

The second generation are followers of the school
Ph.D. Slidenko VM, Ph.D. Listener LK,Ph.D. Mayta OV, Ph.D. Zaichenko SV, Ph.D. Gorodetsky VG

The third generation – school students
Ph.D. Mozharovska OA, Ph.D. Vorfolomeev AV, Ph.D. Kleshtov AY,Ph.D. Streltsova IM, Ph.D. Osadchuk MP, Ph.D. Gontar PA,Ph.D. Polishchuk VG, Ph.D. Zamaraeva OV, Ph.D. Shostak IV



Creation of highly efficient electromechanical systems and technologies of geotechnical productions for destruction and compaction of rocks, purification of liquids.

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