Scientific activities

1999 to concentrate research efforts of employees of department elektromehani chnoho-intensive industries and equipment in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №148 from 05.02.97 “comprehensive energy conservation program of Ukraine” Department established Centre energy saving pulse-wave designs, technologies and training systems (TSIKT ) as a structural unit of the Institute for Energy Saving and Energy. The main objective of the center is the development and application of modern energy-saving technologies in industry, educational and methodological activities of the department. The main activities of the Center is to develop:
– Set sizes Hydrohammer manual for mining, construction and road machinery;
– Set sizes mounted breakers mounted on tunnel machines and working equipment excavator;
– Technology equipment in oil and gas recovery wells and the overhaul stations, and pulse-wave devices for its implementation;
– Technologies increase productivity of oil wells without a primary duty cycle and pulse device for its implementation;
– Recovery technology and oil wells multyplikatorni device for its implementation;
– Hydraulic fracturing technology and multipliers pulsator and great energy for its implementation;
– Crane machines and mechanisms for process recovery of oil and gas production equipment;
– Technology, devices and automatic process control push shafts in metrobuduvanni;
– CAD executive bodies and sinking breakers mounted excavators;
– Multyplikatornoyi pulse energy control system in hydrodrives mining and construction machines.
The department currently operates five research schools for directions.
1. The theory of pulse-wave of rock. Development, reliability and diagnostics mining machines (Head Shevchuk SP).
2.Kontaktna interaction of working bodies of machines for the construction of underground structures of the city with the work environment (head Shevchuk SP).
3. Infrachastotni vakuumnohvylovi synerhovektornoyi system with intelligent control actions and their implementation in the oil and gas industry (head Slidenko VM).
4. Clean water reservoir physical fields (head Terentyev OM)
5. Investigation of the stability of nonlinear differential equations (head Gorodetsky VG).
Scientific results published are protected patents and successfully introduced into production.
The department maintains close relations with oil and gas companies of Ukraine, Russia and Indonesia, as well as mines and quarries for the extraction of building materials from local companies for the construction of underground structures, with design and research institutions. In particular with “Ukrnafta”, “Ukrgazvydobuvannya”, the “Oleksand-riyavuhillya”, “Ukrzahidvuhillya”, “Pavlogradugol” Konotop factory “Red Metallist” Avtomatvuhlerudprom Institute, UkrNDIProekt, Institute of Automation, Institute of Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences Institute of superhard materials Ukraine, plant “Bolshevik” IN them. SP Queen, Irpыnskym plant “Progress” Plant Korchuvatskym wall materials, construction management “Kievmetrostroy” institute “Kyyivmetroproekt” and others.

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