The purpose of pre-diploma practice is to collect the material necessary for the preparation of the dissertation, to solve the basic design and design issues from all sections of the master’s work, to prepare for independent work as a research assistant, engineer, etc.; deepen and consolidate theoretical knowledge, gain experience in organizing work in the team.

The tasks of the practice are the study of the rules of operation and design of electromechanical equipment, which is exploited in geotechnical production, the most complete achievements of science and technology, the order of their introduction, issues of economics, planning and production management; organization of design work, procedure for development, approval and approval of design technical and design documentation; acquiring practical skills in designing and upgrading machines and electromechanical equipment; acquaintance with questions of organization of research work, patent science and inventive activity at enterprises; collection of materials for the master’s thesis; generalization, consolidation and deepening of knowledge on special disciplines.


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