Postgraduate studies

Post-graduate studies and doctoral studies are forms of training for scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel of the highest qualification.

The Department of Electrical Supply carries out postgraduate studies in the field of scientific specialty:

05.09.03 Electrotechnical complexes and systems
05.14.01 Power systems and complexes
The conditions for admission to postgraduate studies can be found on the website of the department of postgraduate and doctoral studies of NTUU “KPI”.

Preparation for postgraduate and doctoral studies is carried out:

1) due to:

funds of the State Budget of Ukraine – by state order for work in the public sector of the national economy;
funds of legal entities and individuals – under contract – for work in the state and non-state sectors of the national economy;
2) foreigners and stateless persons on the grounds of:

international treaties of Ukraine;
national programs;
agreements concluded by higher educational establishments, scientific institutions with legal entities and individuals.





2Postgraduate studies