History of the department

History of the department of electromechanical equipment of energy production begins in 1949, when it created the Department of Mining Electromechanics at the Faculty of Mining KPI. Development of Department carried out during 1949-1950 years, with great organizational work conducted candidate. Sc. Science Assoc. VV Queen (later Dr. Sc.., Professor). Head of the Department for Dr. Sc. Sciences professor. EY Ivanchenko, a leading specialist in the field of rock mechanics. At this time the department has dots. GK Rozkoshnyy, PhD. Sc. Science Assoc. I. P.Fil, and after graduate school to work at the department directed PF Rybchynka, VM Vynoslavskoho, the learning process involved leading specialists of the Institute UkrNDIproekt VI Bayda, PV Zurabov, MP Kovalchuk and others. The first scientific efforts of the Department focused on the creation of new mining machines, theory of rock, improvement of electric networks of mining companies, created educational-laboratory base specialty. The first issue of mining engineers, electrical engineers in January 1951.
From the first graduate electrical engineers renowned scientists and leading specialists working in the field of education “KPI” and now were Dr. Sc. Sciences professor. MG Popovich – Head of electric and automation plants Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation clicks, honored worker of higher education, Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR; candidate. Sc. Science Assoc. MO Polansky – Senior lecturer, scientist of the Institute for Energy Saving and Energy Management. Successfully defended dissertation and received the title of professor, VV Birk, A. Volkov, YA Kochkarov, VD Nosenko, IF Ogorodniychuk, GI Danylchuk.
In 1953 from the Department of Mining Electromechanics out of Mining machinery and mining vehicles.
At the end of 1953 in connection with the transition prof. EY Ivanchenko in Kharkov, which Hearne Institute of Mining Electromechanics led candidate. Sc. Science, Associate Professor VM You are noslavskyy professor since 1972, Honored Worker of Higher School of the USSR since 1977, a veteran of World War II. The teaching staff continuously and traditionally in povnyuvavsya due to its graduates: GI Danylchuk (1955), MG Popovic (1956), VL Yazev (1957), IS Ryabenko (1959), AI Nightingale (1959), MG Borysiuk (1960), VD Leporskogo, VF Skryl, LI Chornoplechyy, DC Yalanskyy (1961), AV Prakhovnik, VJ Pashchuk (1966), VM Konontsov (1967).
1960 Associate Professor Fil I.P published the first textbook approved Ministerst Island Education of the USSR – “Mine Ventilation and drainage installation.” 1959 among stu-dents mining groups electricians started training in the specialty “Cars matyzatsiya and complex mechanization of mining,” which later MVSOO order of the USSR was renamed “Electrification and automation of mining operations”. Issue 29 mining electrical engineers in this field (group AG-1) for the first time in the Soviet Union took place in June 1961. Since 1962, admission to first year students, specialty “Mining electromechanics” KPI terminated, and 1966 saw the last issue groups EMG. In communication leads to the gradual transition of the department for training mining engineers, electricians for Special-ness “Electrification and automation of mining operations” changes the direction of educational and scientific activity. Therefore, the Department of Mining Electromechanics in 1959 ceased to exist and was renamed the Department of electrification and automation of mining ro-bit.
1989 was reorganized Faculty of Mining Electromechanics and automation of mining engineering department at the renaming and the resumption of mining department romehaniky-elect of the faculty of the department of electricity and technology and mechanization of mountain-idents work: Dr. Sc. Sciences professor. AP Kychihin, associate to. Sc.. IS Ryabenko, VM Konontsov, JO Burmistrova, SP Shevchuk, A. Terentyev, AV Rusalovskyy, AM Bashlak Asis and awning AI Lutz. Head of the Department for candidate. Sc. Science Assoc. SP Shevchuk. The department was established as producing and conducted training for students of specialty “Mining elektromehani-ka” of 50 people. (Specialization: “Electromechanical equipment for construction of urban underground structures-cal” and “Electromechanical Equipment mining”) and provide training in all disciplines electromechanical mining engineering faculty students. The contingent of students of two academic groups was transferred from the Department of Automation Mining (Group AG).
Issue mining engineer-electrician (Group GM-01) in February 1996 (admission to the first year made 1990)

Since 1990, one of the new directions of the department is to train mining engineers, electrical engineers for underground buildings city construction management “Kyyivmet-robud” electromechanical service and Kiev subway escalators, Kyiv-pidzembudu, specialized management of anti-work right bank of the Dnieper, the Institute Tutu “Kyyivmetroproekt” and others. When construction management “Kievmetrostroy” organized branch of the department, whose work led experienced mechanic VM Kulynyn, a graduate of the Faculty of Mining th CPI 1955 (EMG group B). The task of the branch of the Department are OJEC chenie practical training of students at the U B “Kievmetrostroy”, the organization of on-point for educational training of students, training teachers. As a result, students practice the study after passing the second year are qualified fitter-assembler underground equipment, and the senior courses are a specialty during practices in the departments chief mechanic and chief power.
In the period from 1990 to 1995, the Department adds a new composition teachers: the candidate. Sc. Science Assoc. VN Slidenko, r. T. N. Assoc. SV Bondarev, V. assistants Gorodetsky, VA Polishchuk, IA Druzenko, IS Shmelev, VM Combine Kulinit?, LL Zavistovskyy. Learning – auxiliary staff: LS Babenko, Yu Cockroaches, MN Tereshchenko, G. Suvorov, AN Samokhvalova, NM Bezvershenko, NO Yakimenko.
To improve the competitive situation during the reception for the first course and ensure continuity degrees and levels of education in the multi Education according to the Law of Ukraine on Education Department initiated a 1994 at KPI “Kiev school kompleksuhirnychotehnichnoyi education”, which included 13 leading colleges and kole- Ukraine yeast mining and electromechanical profiles. Top-graduates of these educational establishments have an opportunity to study entry corresponding specialties GTP on the first, second or third course of the interview. The highest activity of the complex show: Konotop Polytechnical College, Chervonograd college, Selydivskyy Mining College, Kyiv College of Electrical Engineering College, Kyiv Civil Engineering Transport Construction, Kyiv Geological techno godfather, Ukrainian financial-economic institute (m. Irpin), Kamenetz -Podilskyy-trialnyy Hindu College and others. 1998 The complex Drohobych oil entered college.
The success of the complex allows to improve the quality of selection of applicants for special-ness GTP, replenish the number of members of the second and third groups of courses successfully communicate through educational institutions Complex on regions of Ukraine, significantly facilitates the solution of problems of databases practice and employment of graduates, ie to a No-local level to address the full range of tasks from entering the distribution specialists.
1995, in connection with the integration of specialties according to the new list of specialties-dren Ukraine Ministry of Higher Education Department continues its preparation for the profession during on-roll 7.092204 “Electromechanical equipment of energy production” (specialization “Ele-ktromehanichne equipment for construction of urban underground structures” and “Machinery and electrical-roobladnannya mining and oil and gas industries”). Thus one of the new areas of the department is to train specialists in the operation of electromechanical equipment for oil and gas administration “Okhtyrkanaftogas”, “Chernigivnaftogas”, “Poltavanaf-gas company” and Ukrainian oil and gas project development institute of the Ministry pas Fuel and Energy of Ukraine, Institute superhard materials and Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine, JSC “Ukrgazproekt”, “VNIPITRANSGAZ”, “Naftogaz Ukraine” and others.
The result of further cooperation in this direction was the opening of the third specialization of the department “Technical management and diagnostics of electromechanical equipment oil and gas industry.” To provide educational and laboratory facilities, places of practice and dis-division 1998 graduates created department in the branch of OJSC Ukrainian oil and gas-stitute. In practice and employment of graduates, the branch provides skorysta-vatsya its experimental wells, both for scientific purposes and for practical training of students.
Subsequently Department opens two branches: the Institute of superhard materials yiny-NAS and the Institute of Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine. Thus for the department and students from kryvayutsya-opportunities training bases, joint scientific research and their implementation in industry and for educational purposes.
Teaching and laboratory facilities department is composed of 14 laboratories mechanical and electrical tion profiles, covering an area of ??over 1000 m2 and is one of the largest in the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy.
1998 Department received the right training mahistriv.Vykorystovuyuchy close ties with the production, the possibility Complex and four Divisions from 1996 to 2001, per-ensures 100% of the first result of the employment of its graduates and occupies a leading position in this area of ??NTU “KPI”