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Curriculum of credit module “Hydromechanics and stationary installations” (ОБ, ОС)

Section 1. Hydromechanics

Topic 1.1. Introduction, basics of fluids

Topic 1.2.  Hydrostatics and flow kinematics.

Topic 1.3. Hydrodynamics

Topic 1.4. Flow regimes.

Section 2. Fundamentals of turbomachines

Topic 2.1. Design and main components of turbomachines

Topic 2.2.  Flow kinematics in impellers

Topic 2.3. Characteristics of turbomachines and networks

Section 3. Fans

Topic 3.1. General information on fans

Topic 3.2. Controlling the working regimes of fans

Topic 3.3. Designing and running the fans

Section 4. Pumps

Topic 4.1. General information on pumps

Topic 4.3. Controlling the working regimes of pumps

Topic 4.4. Designing and running the pumps

Section 5. Compressors

Topic 5.1. General information on compressors

Topic 5.2. Controlling the working regimes of compressors

Topic 5.3. Designing and running the compressors