Issue 2019

Specialty: 141 Electricity, electrical engineering and electromechanics, educational program (specialization): Electromechanical and mechatronic systems of energy-intensive industries
OM-71MP group
Post graduate student Topic Supervisor
KulisRoman Dmitrievich Investigation of the lifting system control system Ph.D., associate professor Gorodetsky V.G.
Olexandr Lotonov Justification of the parameters of the system for preventing the process of deposition of paraffins on the walls of the oil well Ph.D., associate professor Listovshchik L.K.
Group OM-81
№ п / п Student name Name of scientific supervisor, position Research topics
1 Alexey Konstantin Gennadyevich Ph.D., senior lecturerVorfolomeev AV Investigation of the process of adaptation of jet cementing
2 Vaskivich Alexander Petrovich Ph.D., associate professor Popovich O.M. Investigation of the operation of a submersible centrifugal pump with a transformer asynchronous system
5 Melnichuk Anastasia Igorevna Ph.D., associate professor Listovshchik L.K. Investigation of the implosion process of the developed implosion device, determination of rational parameters.
6 Nechiporenko Vladislav Anatolievich Ph.D., prof. Mazurenko L.I. Investigation of the functioning of a magnetic gearbox in conditions of its use on drilling rigs
7 Carrier Dmitry Aleksandrovich Ph.D., associate professor Meita O.V. Investigation of substation functioning in conditions of variable power consumption
9 Priitichenko Elina Sergeevna Ph.D., professor Zaichenko SV Investigation of the vibrational influence on the rock during the passage of the development of the passage shield.
10 Stolyarets Anatoly Yuriyovych Ph.D., associate professor Cand.V.M. Investigation of the process of changing the center of mass of working equipment using electromagnetic closing devices. Definition of rational parameters.
12 Shevchuk Andrey Ruslanovich Ph.D., associate professor Popovich O.M. Investigation of the process of energy accumulation with the definition of rational modes of operation of the storage system

1st year of study – foreigners

1 Emeh-Laz Chimnonso Benjamin Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
Vorfolomeev AV “Modernization of the Wind Generator by Decreasing its Vibration and Environmental Impacts”

2 Sabuhi Gasimova doctor of technical sciences, prof. Terentyev O.M. Magnetic Ultrasonic Water Treatment System

3 Adjebi Aymen Ph.D., prof. Zaychenko S.V. Development of a motor diagnostic system when the starter rotates without fuel