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Шевчук Степан Прокопович

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Pump, Fan and Pneumatic Installations


“Pump, Fan and Pneumatic Installations”
Section 1. Fundamentals of the theory of blades, fluid flow kinematics

Topic 1.1. General information about a turbo machine for moving fluid                     Topic 1.2. Kinematics of fluid flow in turbomachine impeller

Topic 1.3. The basic energy equation of turbomachines

Section 2. Theoretical and actual characteristics of turbomachinery, the theoretical basis for             their regulation

Topic 2.1. Theoretical and actual characteristics of turbomachines

Topic 2.2. Scope of application of working wheels of different types

Topic 2.3. Extranet and operating mode of the turbine installation

Topic 2.4. Theoretical bases of regulation of turboinstallations

Section 3. Technological schemes of pump, ventilator and compressor installations, methods                 of regulation

Topic 3.1. Technological schemes of pumping plants and ways of their regulation Topic 3.2. Technological schemes of ventilator installations and ways of their regulation

Topic 3.3.Technological schemes of compressor plants and ways of their       regulation

Section 4.  Features of operation of plants, their electric drive and automation

Theme 4.1. Features of operation of turbine installations and prevention of their possible emergency modes

Topic 4.2. Choosing the electric drive of turbo systems and their automation  systems