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Work program credit module “Electromechanical systems of automation of technological complexes and processes”



“Electromechanical systems of automation of technological complexes and processes”1

“Machine-rectifier systems of technological complexes”

Section 1. Elements of machine-rectifier systems of technological complexes

Topic 1.1. Electromechanical converters and semiconductor elements

Topic 1.2. Semiconductor AC/DC voltage converters

Topic 1.3. Impulse voltage converters

Topic 1.4. Current sources

Topic 1.5. Frequency converters

Topic 1.6. Control and measuring elements

Topic 1.7. Sensors. Switching protection equipment

Section 2. Machine-rectifier systems control. Mathematical modeling

Topic 2.1. Scalar and vector control

Topic 2.2. Mathematical modeling of machine-rectifier systems

Section 3. Technological complexes and equipment with machine-rectifier systems

Topic 3.1. Complexes for physical substance reworking

Topic 3.2. Mining and gas-oil complexes

Topic 3.3. Lifting and transport equipment

Topic 3.4. Technological complexes of municipal economy




“Electromechanical systems of automation of technological complexes and processes”2

“Automated electromechanical systems and complexes”

Section 1. Automated EMS and complexes of mining enterprises

Topic 1.1. Automation basics

Topic 1.2. Automation of coal mining machines and complexes

Topic 1.3. Automation of roadheaders

Topic 1.4. Automation of underground conveyor lines

Topic 1.5. Automation of underground electric locomotive transport

Topic 1.6. Automation of lifting machines

Topic 1.7. Automation of dewatering plants

Section 2. Automated EMS and complexes for oil production

Topic 2.1. Automation of equipment for drilling

Topic 2.2. Automation of complexes for extraction, field gathering, preparation and oil pumping out, maintenance of reservoir pressure

Topic 2.3. Automation of main oil pipelines

Topic 2.4. Automation of autonomous power stations