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Шевчук Степан Прокопович

Department of electromechanical equipment energy-intensive industries to invite you to become part of our friendly staff.
To ensure a high level of preparation of students in the educational process introduced computer technology expert. Expert technology significantly enhance the level of algorithmically-spatial thinking of students and implement one of the important principles of the Bologna Declaration – learning through research.
During the study at the university of our graduates, if desired, a second parallel – military occupation and military rank of lieutenant-engineer, as well as the second economic education.
The department operates software maintenance and support of the student, which is to monitor the learning process of the student individually, with a view to effective decision-making needed to improve performance.
We are preparing a high-level of quality! 

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Participation of teachers in the department mezhdunarodnoy Exhibitions International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition (Japan, Tokyo).

FOOMA JAPAN - International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition
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Training of foreign students

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Learning to Dvoynykh diploma programs in South Korea, University Brushes

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Congratulations to the winners of professional competition of innovative projects “Sikorski-Challenge”

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Internship students in the program, Get Ready to Empower the Energies of Nature

Venue: Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France)

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